Apertura Jumpsuit

Apertura Jumpsuit

SKU: OA001

Our Apertura Jumpsuit is designed on a one-piece canvas, hand embroidered with the homonymous artwork of María Conejo, offering an elegant and casual style.

It's design allows to be adjusted in multiple ways, making this garment a world of possibilities.



  • Artist

    The female bodies in the work of María Conejo are the response to a culture that is infamous with nudes and the perpetual shame of bodies as a method of oppression.

    His message focuses on using female nudity and its abstraction as a symbol of resistance and resilience.

  • Materials

    Canvas: Regenerated cotton.

    Embroidery: Cotton thread.

    Buttons: Recycled coconut.

  • Care

    The materials of our garments have great strength and durability, however, they must be washed by hand to preserve the embroidery, likewise, you should avoid using a dryer and you can iron at low / medium temperature.

  • If it doesn't fit, we'll change it!

    If it doesn't fit, don't worry. You have 30 days to change your garment. You just have to contact us at the email: contacto@pimperl.mx or our DM on instagram: @ pimperl.art

    All the best!


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