Sombrero Rosa Shirt

Sombrero Rosa Shirt

SKU: CS000

Our Sombrero Rosa shirt gives an organic and elegant style, meticulously hand-embroidered to recreate the work of Jordi Alós.


It's design with oriental influence and coconut details, offers versatility and unique style for all times.

  • The Artist

    The masks in Jordi Alós's work combine the psychological, reality and imaginary aspects, showing the effervescence of a society increasingly full of appearances.


    His disruptive technique leads him to destroy some of his works, showing us what is beyond the everyday filters that have become todays way of life.

  • Materials

    Canvas: Regenerated cotton

    Embroidery: Cotton thread

    Buttons: Recycled coconut

  • Care

    The materials of our garments have great strength and durability, however, they must be washed by hand to preserve the embroidery, likewise, you should avoid using a dryer and you can iron at low / medium temperature.

  • If it doesn't fit, we'll change it!

    If it doesn't fit, don't worry. You have 30 days to change your garment. You just have to contact us at the email: or our DM on instagram: @

    All the best!







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