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Basics with a cause

A collection with a cause

# BasicsWithCause is a collection of sustainable garments, in which each edition is made by the hand of a social initiative. In this first edition we collaborate with SEDAC IAP


SEDAC was born in 1979 with the aim of eradicating child labor, addictions and vandalism in the brick industry area of ​​Ixtapaluca, State of Mexico. Today SEDAC has almost 800 students from preschool to elementary school. The children receive quality education, learning in values, psychological care, Tai Chi, chess, extracurricular football classes and school canteen service so that they have an excellent academic achievement in the classroom.


How did we do it?

We created a drawing contest among their students with the theme "Why is my planet important?"


From among more than 100 participants, the 8 best drawings were selected that will be hand embroidered on the # BásicosConCausa garments . A percentage of the sales will be destined to support this institution.


The launch of this collection will be through the digital event "The Art of Laughter", where together and from home, we will spend a night full of joy, accompanied by talented comedians, while we support this noble cause; 100% of the proceeds from this event will be donated to SEDAC IAP


The drawings were hand-embroidered on the garments by Rocío Fernández, Ibeth Melitón and Jaqueline Hernández , artisans in the community of Temoaya, State of Mexico and made by SEDAC students . Learn more about this story here.



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