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Our engine is to change lives.

Each of our garments has an elaborate production process and it is thanks to the work of women and men that Pimperl is possible.


Our value chain is based on fair trade and has a humanistic mission to improve the quality of life for all the people who work with us.


With the support of our allies and collaborators we have achieved the following impacts:

We have contributed to the development of a community

of +50 women artisans in Temoaya, State of Mexico.

With this work the women of this community have

been able to obtain financial independence , send their children

to school and professionalize in other techniques to follow


To cut and make our garments we work with the Verde García family.

Despite having more clients, we work with them through fair trade, offering a payment 10 high of the industry average and we make sure that it is correctly distributed to their workers.

We want to break the taboo that people dedicated to art cannot earn a living.

That is why with our first collection we buy 4 works of art from different artists and we support them with diffusion before, during and after the collection. With this work we want artists to obtain new opportunities to publicize their work.

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