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We redefine fashion by decontextualizing it from everyday, incorporating artworks that add to the concept on which each of our collections develops.

Meet the artists in charge  of creating a new dressing experience.

Their masks combine the psychological aspect, the reality and the imaginary, showing the effervescence of a society increasingly full of appearances.


His disruptive technique leads him to destroy some of his works, showing us that there are beyond the everyday filters that have become a todays way of life.

Jordi Alós

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Jacqueline Téllez

Characters born from the dreamlike, reflection of fears and frustrations that through the brush and the ink, they find a way to manifest.

With each painting, Jacqueline invites us to sink into our gray matter, where the unconscious shows us what we are made of and why we should confront our fears.

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The female bodies in her work are the response to a culture that is infamous with nudes and perpetuates shame on bodies as a method of oppression.


His message focuses on using female nudity and its abstraction as a symbol of resistance and resilience.

María Conejo

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Her work focuses on the relationship between animal abuse and violence against women, denoting the tendency of society to oppress beings who have been considered weak.

The juxtaposition between rabbits, women and nature, become the archetype with which Diana shows two great struggles of our time and the search for equity and integrity among all living beings.

Diana Bama

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