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Pimperl is the result of many hands work, our garments would not be possible without our allies who provide us with products or services that are in line with our philosophy of generating a cleaner textile industry for the planet and fairer for people.


To our allies:


Thank you! We are deeply grateful to them for helping us to generate garments with value that little by little help to improve our world.


Jauja bordados is a social initiative that focuses on inserting traditional Mexican artisan techniques into contemporary design. Jauja has trained more than 60 artisans in the region of Temoaya, State of Mexico, providing them with a fair job opportunity and economic independence from their husbands, improving their quality of life.

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Impact0 is an organization that provides advice and consultancy in the creation and implementation of strategies to minimize the environmental impact of companies, through its service we measure our carbon footprint to be compensated through carbon credits that serve to protect and reforest forests and jungles of the State of Chiapas.

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