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Help create a better world

Concerned about the environmental impact of the fashion industry, in 2018 we started with the initiative to create a brand that would inspire people to have a sustainable lifestyle. Thus, in 2019 we founded Pimperl, with the mission of creating a model that integrates sustainability in the most intimate of its DNA and that could be available to all people.

At Pimperl we are proud to be a clothing brand that cares for the planet, built  based on economic models with social/environmental impact so that what really matters prevails,_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ the planet (our house) and the  people. It is time to do the right thing and we are convinced that it is not enough to reduce the impact, but it must be completely annulled and take action to counteract climate change that has given us warning signs that we can no longer ignore.

That is why today we mitigate the Co2 generated in all our operations, we are Zero-Waste through a textile recycling program, we use only certified, biodegradable sustainable materials and we produce through fair trade, taking care that all our allies work under this same philosophy.

We want to share with you our philosophy and the actions we have taken to leave a better world.

With all our love,


Charles Toledo

Firma jackie.jpeg

Jacqueline Tellez

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David Granados

Founders of Pimperl


Our history

2018 The Creation of Pimperl

2018 - 2019 incubation

2019 an ode to life

2019 EET Collaboration

At the end of 2019 we made an alliance with Esto Es Tulum, a festival that integrates music, art and sustainability to create its sustainable Merch made of bamboo inspired by the beaches of Tulum, Quintana Roo.


2020 A collection with a cause

Básicos con Causa is a Tencel Modal collection in which we seek to support a cause.


In its first edition we partnered with SEDAC IAP, their students made drawings inspired by nature and these were embroidered on garments by artisans from the State of Mexico.


2020 First Co2 mitigation

At the end of 2020, we mitigated 4 tons of Co2 corresponding to our input reception operation, internal operations and shipments.

Mitigation was carried out through carbon credits that are used to reforest forests in the state of Chiapas through the S'colelte program of the AMBIO association.


2021 CLASSICS - 0 1

The classics of every wardrobe but sustainable.

Our first timeless collection of bamboo with organic cotton is born where each garment saves +2,500 L of water.


2022 #NoFutureWithoutPlanet

We began to program and execute a comprehensive sustainability plan that integrates the mitigation of ALL our operational Co2, (from the